Bozley’s Backyard


A Video Made with Love by Dave Reinitz

What My Dog Taught Me:
Love, How to French Kiss, That you are never to old to learn new tricks, Humping Technique, Patience, Ball Envy, How to Wipe your feet after Peeing.
The sadness I have in my heart today is so hard to express.  I have lost my Boyfriends and Best Friend!!
Its especially strange because I am in the comedy business.
I don’t really know how to express sadness without making a joke, but not today!
This pic is of me and Bozley the Beagle.

Here’s a poem Dave and I wrote for Bozley.

Bozley the Beagle, Flys like an eagle
Shops at Fred Segel he does things illegal,
He drives  Buick I think its a Regal
He’s Bozley, Bozley the Beagle.

I love you forever Bozley!


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